Abu Dhabi Aviation

Abu Dhabi Aviation (ADA) provides aviation offshore oil support and other services worldwide and in particular for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s oil and gas production companies. The company also provides VVIP passenger transportation services, Search & Rescue for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), crop spraying, aerial construction, seismic support, fire fighting in Europe and third party maintenance support.

ADA is the largest commercial helicopter operator in the Middle East and currently operating a fleet of 61 aircrafts, 57 helicopters comprising AgustaWestland AW139, AW109, Bell 412, Bell 212 models and 4 Bombardier Dash-8 series turboprop transport aircraft.  ADA employs a staff of over 1000, including over 150 Pilots and 283 Engineers/Technicians for operations.

Key elements in all the Company’s decisional and operational processes are its Quality and Safety Management philosophy and systems. ADA has held the prestigious Helicopter Association International’s Platinum Award of Safety since 2006. The Company exceeded 1,000,000 helicopter flight hours with an enviable safety record – especially given the extremely high number of offshore takeoffs and landings – each offshore helicopter averages seven cycles per hour. This level of activity demands the highest caliber of flight and maintenance crews supported by a noteworthy quality assurance and training regime.

ADA has supported and continued to support on and offshore oil production and mining exploration in Ethiopia, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar and Papua New Guinea support throughout the region and beyond. Contract negotiations are well under way for expansion into the South American and Far Eastern markets. Additionally, ADA expects even more growth to come from the expansion of the Company’s maintenance, repair and overhaul activities.

The Company has continued to expand its business into other markets as well. It is a 50 percent equity holder for a VVIP jet company, Royal Jet, www.royaljet.ae, another growth Maximus Air Cargo, is now fully owned by Abu Dhabi Aviation. www.maximusaircargo.ae.


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