Al Bawardi EnterPrises LLC

Al Bawardi Enterprises is a 100% Emirati-owned group of companies with diverse interests and investments. These businesses take several forms, including operating divisions, wholly and partially owned subsidiaries, joint ventures and sponsored companies.

Since its inception in 1979 as Al Bawardi Oil & Gas, the group has expanded its activities and investments from into many other areas, see below for the Business Areas. This growth would not have been possible with the close cooperation with our international partners with whom we have formed various partnerships, ranging from product agencies to jointly formed and operated companies.

Oil and Gas and Utilities

The Business Area Oil and Gas and Utilities is the oldest, largest and most mature sector of business of Al Bawardi Enterprises. A multitude of activities and services are performed by the group, ranging from simple product trading, to complex shutdown projects. The various companies are particularly active in the delivery of services to Oil & Gas-related clients onshore and offshore, which may include the maintenance and refurbishment of valves, whipstock and other drilling services, and the processing of drilling mud in our own facility.

Marine Services

This Business Area includes companies that are providing services to offshore entities and facilities. The services are performed with a multitude of vessels, some of them highly specialized and of very substantial size. Services offered are ranging through a very wide spectrum, from marine transportation and offshore construction to pipelines and cable laying.

Business Services and IT

Business Services and IT include a variety of companies with many different activities and markets. Activities included:

  • Internet services, hosting and telecommunications
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Provision of staff
  • Facility management
  • Professional and large scale catering

Contracting and Consulting

This Business Area includes Al Bawardi General Contracting as a fully-owned business and many different sponsorships with international companies. Many of them being global market leaders in their respective fields.


The Business Area Healthcare is a new activity within Al Bawardi Enterprises. This market is under study and development with a focus on the UAE and Abu Dhabi in particular.


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