Ali & Sons Holding LLC

Ali & Sons was established in 1979 in Abu Dhabi, and recently become Ali & Sons Holding LLC to conclude its conglomerated format of all its diversified businesses and industries that it runs to date. Under the dynamic leadership of H.E. Ali bin Khalfan Al Mutawa Al Dhaheri – The Founder and Chairman of The Family Council – Ali & Sons Holding had developed strong base for its Economic contribution to the country through its activities in following sectors the Automotive, Oil & Gas, Contracting, Commercial, Marine Engineering, Retail, Property Management, Tourism, Manufacturing and Information Technology Industries.

Ali & Sons is associated with some of the most prestigious brands in the world, such as Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Skoda.

The Holding Group had also developed its own recognizable brands in the Local market such as Amwaj Jewellery, Awazen Medical Centre, Sidra Real Estate and Eurostar Rent A Car to name a few.

The growth and sustainability of Ali & Sons diversified activities and operations could only be the result of all the sons in strong grounds for this family business within several sectors of the local economy.

Our business philosophy is derived from our belief that ideas can bring about change if approached with transparency and creativity. We identify, improvise and endow on ideas that provide sustainable growth for our stakeholders who are directly linked to our business lifecycle. We diligently focus on our areas of strength and contribute them to the benefit of all who is around to add value too.

Our mission then and now still is a commitment to provide customers with high quality products and services through well trained qualified staff and effective processes.

Our ambition in this future implementation is to engage in seamless activities between divisions, departments and even individuals. Those implementations shall involve every single person within the company to empower them and allow them to contribute to worthy changes and will work toward the adoption; management, routinization of innovative, better processes and in return ensures that all interactions are aligned.


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