Arbah Investment LLC

Arbah Investment LLC is a well-established investment company, founded by the shareholders’ Ghanem Ali Bin Hammodah and Sons LLC and Mr. Ghanem  Bin Hamoodah Al Dhaheri, with significant investments in major projects in a variety of vibrant economic sectors including equity, fund management and real estate.

We are determined to consistently expand and develop our portfolio in order to continue offer attractive growth and high return to our esteemed shareholders and business partners. Arbah Investment LLC is taking definitive steps towards our goal of maximizing shareholders wealth by entering in new businesses and investments opportunities in a local and global market and finding new business partners.

Company Mission

Arbah Investment was established in order to manage the wealth of the shareholders by finding unique investment opportunities and business partnerships that will deliver superior value and maximize the wealth of the company by earning profits and to be a regional investments arm which contributing to the economic and social development of Abu Dhabi.

Our business is organized in these three divisions:

Property Management

Arbah Investment LLC is responsible for maintain and even increase the value of various real estate investments and tracking the performance of properties and make sure that real estate investments accomplish their anticipated revenues throughout the UAE. Our goal is to coordinate and complete profitable property investment purchases and construct new properties, in addition to meet the demands and requirements of both the shareholders and the tenant and we organize and to realize successfully all the necessary operations concerning real estate, such as buying and leasing.

Fund Management

Based on a diverse portfolio of local and international companies, the company invests in shares and bonds that have been proven performers in industry innovation and financial achievements.

Equity Management

Our family’s representation in the UAE will continue to remain strong and endure time by maintaining current equity investments while conservatively pursuing new ones whether it is an international and local securities, agricultural opportunities, real estate or commercial & industrial investments.

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