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Emirates Defense Technology (EDT), a 100% UAE owned military company, has been providing the finest military and defense solutions to a local, regional and global client base for the past twenty years. EDT partners with the world’s largest and most prestigious military companies to provide its clients with the very latest military technology, innovations and equipment. EDT also has a proven track record in supplying design, engineering & prototyping services, systems integration, armoring solutions and offset consulting services.

Products and Services

Through extensive partnerships and strategic alliances with some of the world’s largest and most prestigious military companies, EDT supplies an extensive range of products and services such as:

  • Light, medium and heavy tanks and self propelled artillery
  • Multipurpose military vehicles
  • Armoring solutions
  • Small, medium and high caliber weapons and ammunition
  • Multi functional weapon systems
  • Anti riot equipment
  • Tactical combat equipment
  • Radar systems
  • Security solutions

Design, Engineering, Prototyping

Our design engineering staff has the proven skills and expertise to develop products that are tailored to meet and surpass the needs of our clients. Underpinning EDTs design and engineering is our commitment to prototyping across all stages of product development from concept right through to production. Major products include:

  • Enigma 8×8 Armored Modular Fighting Vehicle
  • Nimr 4×4 Vehicle (Nimr 1 & 2 Variants)
  • Mini Jobaria Multi Launch Rocket System (MLRS)

System Integration

EDT has been working with the UAE Armed Forces on numerous system integration programs particularly in the mechanical, electrical & platform-specific compatibility areas such as:

  • Heavy Weapons – Bmp3 on Enigma 8×8 vehicle
  • Shelters – Zeppelin shelters on Nimr 6×6 vehicles
  • Pyrotechnics – Lacroix Galix launchers on multiple UAE land force vehicles
  • Multi Launch Rocket System (MLRS) – Mini Jobaria on Nimr 6×6 vehicles
  • RWS – SAAB system on Nimr 4×4

Armoring Solutions

EDT designs and manufactures customized, lightweight survivability armored solutions for tactical combat vehicles, civilian armor vehicles, and personal protection.

Offset Consulting

As EDT has extensive experience in local manufacturing, we are in a unique position to provide advice, solutions and partnerships to foreign companies seeking to fulfill their offset commitments.


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