Global Aerospace Logistic

Global Aerospace Logistics LLC (GAL) is an Abu Dhabi based Emirati owned company providing professional aerospace services.

Services Portfolio:

  • Aircraft & Air Defence Maintenance and Technical Services
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management Services
  • Human Capital Solutions

To serve a vital role in defence of the UAE by providing efficient, high value integrated maintenance, logistics, human capital and consulting services that help our customers achieve high performance in their operations and to create a passion for aviation among future generations of Emiratis.

GAL will be:

  • A fully integrated aviation services company serving the UAE military needs for combat readiness
  • Providing low cost, high value integrated maintenance & logistics support to the armed forces
  • Serving a customer base that extends throughout the region
  • Providing highly specialized training solutions that support its integrated services offering
  • A model organization for developing passionate Emirati aviation professionals.

Aircraft & Air Defence Maintenance and Technical Services
GAL employs highly-qualified aviation maintenance personnel to manage, supervise, maintain, and instruct in key activities ranging from routine inspections to in-depth repair and maintenance of aircraft systems.

GAL has lead complex projects including comprehensive aircraft maintenance overhaul programs, modifications and upgrades and capability development initiatives.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management
GAL is quickly becoming the region’s premier aircraft sustainment partner for multitude of airframe types. We have successfully delivered over 23,000 lines of specialized aviation parts for critical operational sustainment.

Human Capital Solutions
GAL currently has agreements that provide subject matter experts to facilitate advanced technical support, command advisory services and specialized training solutions. This allows the customer to optimize manpower and to remain focused on operations.

Central to GAL’s growth and long term strategy is providing efficient and effective training solutions to our customers. To meet our Emiratization goals, GAL actively creates opportunities for UAE citizens to gain unprecedented experience in careers in the aerospace industry.

Our portfolio of highly skilled leaders and qualified staff include:

  • Command Advisors
  • Joint Operations Specialists
  • Directors, Program Managers
  • Instructors & Test pilots
  • Aerospace Engineers & Technicians
  • IT Professionals
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Professionals

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