Siham Al Khaleej Technology (SAKT)

Siham Al Khaleej Technology (SAKT) is a growing UAE company focused on the military naval domain operating in the GCC Region, based in Al Sadr Port – Al Taweelah area – Abu Dhabi.

SAKT’s main business is to supply its customers in the region with suites of Combat Systems which will be in various degrees designed, manufactured, assembled, installed, integrated, tested, commissioned and maintained at its local facility at Al Sadr Port.

SAKT is proud to represent an ambitious industrial initiative for UAE aiming at:

  1. To design, manufacture, assemble, install, integrate, test and support best-in-class Combat Systems solutions, focusing on transfer of technology and knowledge from primary international partners, to be supplied to government/military agencies or authorities in the GCC region.
  2. Establish an all-around advanced UAE capability in Defense & Security System integration and support by creating workshops, labs, system integration and support centers.
  3. Support the customer providing local Integrated Logistic Support services covering the entire portfolio of solutions exploiting the workshops and facilities based in UAE.
  4. Enable effective training for potential Emirati resources by promoting and leveraging transfer of technology/knowledge through the establishment of strategic partnerships and teaming agreements with qualified international partners.


SAKT has signed partnership agreements with several primary international companies to provide the customer with a wide portfolio of product/system solutions and logistic support services in the following product areas:

  • Guns Turrets
  • Naval and Coastal Missile systems
  • EO/IR Surveillance and FCS
  • Naval Mines
  • Torpedoes
  • Ammunition
  • ASW Vessels

Business Units

With the aim of exploiting its valuable resources, knowledge and partnerships, SAKT developed the following four main areas of expertise:

  • Weapons & Ammunition
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • Combat System Integration
  • Integrated Logistic Support


SAKT established a fully equipped workshop for small calibers (up to 30mm) and medium calibers (40mm, 76mm) naval gun remote controlled turrets.

The workshop facilities are going to be extended to cover other typology of equipment and services.


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