Sultan Bin Rashid  Industrial Group (SBR)

SBR Industrial Group is positioned as a manufacturing and integration platform for global innovative companies to deploy their specialized technology solutions into the local market.

As the UAE market expands towards advanced applications in areas of defense, security, aerospace and SMART ‘intelligent’ traffic systems, SBR Industrial Group is ready to partner with the leading companies of these sectors to provide a reliable advanced manufacturing-integrator base in the UAE.

With over 36 years of hands-on local engineering and contracting experience, SBR Industrial Group knows what it takes to set up an operation that meets the objectives and goals of the UAE government. Since its start as a road signage solution company to its further expansion into turnkey infrastructure solutions for roads/traffic/buildings/other assets, SBR Industrial Group continues to build off of its expertise and capabilities to provide manufacturing excellence and leadership in the UAE market; and GCC region.  It continues to add extended value in the operation and maintenance services of these deployed solutions.

Recently, it has formed a joint venture with Lockheed Martin and Exechon AB to manufacture the Exechon Xmini; the Exechon XMini is the first Machine Tool Robot, a MachBot, in the world made out of carbon fiber, with a unique capability of high speed/low torque as well as low speed/high torque machining.

The XMini is also the first modular MachBot ever built, and it can literary be taken apart in 5 modules, each manageable by one or two persons. It is equipped with a flexible frame system, which can be adapted to any existing jig or fixture, through a unique Design-Customization-Installation (DCI) system, allowing a factory to go from identifying a need, to push start of an XMini in 72 hours.

The Exechon Xmini provides SBR Industrial Group with an application that leads to competitive advantage, specialized engineering and leveraged automation in high precision manufacturing for the aerospace, defense and automotive sector.  Its applications can be developed further to provide solutions for the Oil & Gas Sector as well.


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