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Emirates Defense Companies Council (EDCC) was established in 2014 to become the national representative body for the UAE Defense industry. EDCC brings government, national defense and defense industry companies together for the benefit, growth and development of the UAE defense industry.

The Council’s role is to be the principle support for the UAE defense industry and to create channels for effective communication between the decision makers and local contractors in a way that will best serve the interests of the country. Additionally, the Council is a forum for building and developing shared interests, creating opportunities for collaboration, facilitating international dialogue between interested international parties and those within the UAE defense sector and enabling weapons and defense companies to exchange ideas and technological expertise.

Current EDCC member companies operate in various fields including

Members have open business channels to various stakeholders, including the MOD and the UAE Armed Forces, Tawazun Council, ministries and other government bodies, infrastructure sector, academia, foreign companies and international organizations representing the defense sector.



Creating one voice for the UAE Defense & Security Industry

  • Facilitate dialogue between industry and various Stakeholders.
  • Capture and consolidate common industry concerns and needs, and communicate the “Voice of Industry”

Enabling dialogue amongst key industry players

  • Create networking opportunities between Defense contractors (local and foreign)
  • Facilitate development and sharing of new business ideas
  • Connect EDCC members to members of similar international associations

Supporting exchange information and expertise

  • Support information exchange among various stakeholders (e.g. regarding regulations, new government projects, industry studies, etc.)
  • Create awareness about UAE industry

Facilitating productive discussion on industry topics

  • Facilitate industry working groups on important topics (e.g. Cyber security)
  • Bring external experts to share industry perspective

Promoting UAE Defense & Security Industry through the UAE Pavilion

  • Improve international visibility for UAE companies through common representation
  • Promote EDCC Members through UAE Defense Guide
  • Competitive Participation through UAE Pavilion

Join a network of endless possibilites.